The popular annual pass will be offered again in 2015, enabling you to take full advantage of the multi-faceted programmes offered by the DomQuartier. An annual pass costs € 25 (or € 40 for families) and enables you to visit the DomQuartier and also to enter all the institutions involved: the State Rooms, Residenzgalerie, Cathedral Museum as well as the Cabinet of Curiosities and the Museum of St. Peter’s Abbey – and all that for an entire year from the date of issue.
During the coming year, once again a colourful array of exhibitions awaits you: The Residenzgalerie, for example, entices visitors with a plethora of special exhibitions: “The Paramour’s Clothes”, an exhibition mounted in cooperation with the Salzburg Festival, assembles sumptuous costumes from the famous Festival workshops. “Seduction. Tempting Beauty – Deadly Attraction” is the title of a show presenting samples from the Residenzgalerie focusing on seducers and those seduced. From the late autumn of 2015 onwards, not only highlights of the collection have a special exhibition, but also Christmas and Marian depictions.
Together with Salzburg’s Castles and Palaces and students from the Mozarteum University, the autumn will also see an exploration of the proximity between art and textiles: “Beyond Veiling”. And from November 2015, the Cathedral Museum devotes itself to Gothic illuminations and shows “Sumptuous Colours on Parchment”.