The opening of the DomQuartier in May 2014 was accompanied by a media campaign with a poster series as its centrepiece. The design “Die Pracht der Macht” (The Splendour of Power) was awarded second place at the recent Salzburg Cultural Poster Award ceremony.
The striking campaign, which caused a stir in the media and through posters in early summer, was created by the Berlin-based agency “state”, which also designed the DomQuartier’s logo and corporate design. The poster series was based on a set of clever variations on the logo’s picture mark. Here, the distinctive elements of the DomQuartier logo, which symbolically frame the Cathedral Square and provide an abstract representation of the institutions involved, develop a life of their own: the rectangles are regrouped to form inviting steps, waving stick figures, sparkling treasures and other images. “It was an obvious move to use the square on its side, i.e. the three bars with the Cathedral, as a playful element. We are also trying to establish the logo,” says graphic designer Johannes Siemer.
The way in which the logo becomes the subject and vice versa also convinced the jury of the Salzburg Cultural Poster Award. “In this poster, the jury particularly liked the minimalism of the depiction on the one hand and the compactness and harmony of the message on the other. A clear sender, transforming the logo into the image, embedded in a golden range of colours and perfectly rounded out by the headline ‘The Splendour of Power’. The simple style, almost pictogram-like, harmonises not only with the new logo of the DomQuartier, but also encompasses greater brilliance and symbolism than a single example of an image could,” thus the jury.
The Salzburg Cultural Poster Award, an initiative of Progress Werbung, the State and the City of Salzburg as well as ORF Salzburg, was awarded for the 8th time already in 2014. Every year, it demonstrates how creative, colourful, irritating and provocative Salzburg’s creative scene is.