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Event venue

Salzburg Residenz

The former residence of the prince-archbishops offers an incomparable ambience.
Distinctive, magnificent, spectacular.
Unique in its historical significance, designed and built by the best architects and craftsmen of their time.
Celebrate in the centre of Salzburg's Old Town, and let your event reflect the glory of past ages.
Nowhere else can provide the setting of the state-rooms in the Salzburg Residenz. 

Celebrate in an authentic setting

Over 400 years ago, the wealthy and powerful  prince-archbishops began to transform the centre of Salzburg into a baroque gem, modelled on the Italian style. They created a masterpiece of urban planning, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Repraesentatio majestatis
Celebrations were always an important part of everyday life at court – not only for conviviality and entertainment, but also as an instrument of government and a means of demonstrating princely prestige.
Theatre and opera performances, opulent banquets with Tafelmusik, and a succession of splendid fireworks, illuminations and triumphal arches, parades and "festive noise" with bell-ringing, volleys of gunfire, gunshots, drums and trumpets.
Thus the Residenz is not an event location in the modern sense. Not everything is possible here, but your event will be exceptional and unforgettable.

Your celebration
We will do our utmost to offer you support in planning and implementing meetings, receptions, banquets, product presentations, award ceremonies, exhibitions, seminars, conferences or a cocktail party in the heart of the DomQuartier.

Try the Residenz experience!

The finest things in the world cannot be bought – but perhaps hired.


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