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up to 120 persons

171 m2 area

The White Hall

Classicism and end

up to 120 persons

171 m2 area

The elaborate stucco-work is an excellent example of the sophisticated decorative art of the late 18th century, making the Weisser Saal one of the most consistent rooms in the Residenz, classicist throughout.

Like the décor in the Rittersaal, the work was commissioned by Prince-Archbishop Hieronymus Colloredo in 1781. Colloredo returned to the subject of Alexander the Great, scenes from whose life are continued in the wall reliefs, which represent his chivalric virtues and his wise and clement rule. This is a further attempt by the Prince-Archbishop to emphasise the authority and legitimacy of his regency by means of the interior design.

Hieronymus Colloredo was Salzburg's last prince-archbishop. He was deposed as a secular prince in 1803, in the course of secularisation and the new order in Europe after the Napoleonic Wars. Thus ended some 450 years of archiepiscopal power and splendour in Salzburg.

The Habsburg Ferdinand III of Tuscany assumed secular power as Grand Duke in Salzburg for two years (1803-1805). His portrait hangs prominently in this room, to the left of the door.
The ensuing years were extremely turbulent for the Town and the Province of Salzburg, political affiliation frequently changing. Finally in 1816, most of the former territory of the  prince-archbishop was affiliated to the Habsburg Empire und from then on administered from Linz in Upper Austria. All this was signed and sealed here, in the Weisser Saal.

Der Habsburger Ferdinand III von Toskana übernahm als Großherzog für zwei Jahre die weltliche Macht in Salzburg (1803-1805). Sein Porträt hängt prominent in diesem Saal, gleich links vom Eingang.
Die Folgejahre waren sehr turbulent für Stadt und Land Salzburg und seine politische Zugehörigkeit wechselte des Öfteren. 1816 schließlich wurde das ehemalige Territorium der Fürsterzbischöfe größtenteils dem Habsburgerreich angegliedert und fortan vom oberösterreichischen Linz aus verwaltet. Besiegelt wurde das alles hier im Weißen Saal.

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Carabinieri Hall 525 170 396 123 114 376 525 50x12 640,80
Knights Hall 250 108 160 64 69 186 250 25x10 254,18
Conference Hall 160 76 99 40 44 120 160 14,94x12,82 189,26
Antecamera 60 27 55 34 21 56 60 10,05x9,85 99,19
Audience Hall 90 48 90 42 36 30 100 13,79x9,84 134,97
Throne Room 120 48 132 52 52 120 120 20,24x8,76 177,44
White Hall 120 48 108 48 42 96 120 19,46x8,80 171,48
Imperial Hall 150 89 88 56 48 88 150 19,42x9,11 176,35
Inner courtyard with arcades 525 - - - - - 525 - 1.070