Special exhibitions

The DomQuartier is a home of art. Displayed here are treasures from the rich art collections of the Province and the Archdiocese of Salzburg and St. Peter's Archabbey with, in addition, temporary special exhibitions.

Mehr als ein Museum

The Salzburg DomQuartier offers a fascinating tour in the footsteps of the powerful prince-archbishops, giving a unique survey of Salzburg's history over the past 1300 years – its rulers, its art, architecture and music, as well as impressive views over the famous panorama of the Old Town between hills and mountains.

Current Exhibitions & Events

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23. 11. 2017 bis 23. 4. 2018

2017 sees the 400th anniversary of Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich’s death on 16 January 1617. One of the most brilliant personalities in the history of Salzburg, at the emergence of a…

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23. 11. 2017 bis 23. 4. 2018

Highlights of this small presentation are the series of Salzburg pictures painted by Albert Christoph Dies for the collection of Prince-Archbishop Hieronymus Colloredo, and the Noah’s Ark series by Prince-Archbishop…

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