Disabled guests may benefit from specially tailored offers, including when it comes to art, architecture and history. In autumn 2014, the DomQuartier will introduce a unique tour concept which makes the DomQuartier an experience though exciting, unconventional sensations and opens the DomQuartier to all visitors – with or without impairments.

Tours for visually impaired guests
During the guided tour through the DomQuartier, blind and visually impaired visitors will experience the extensive content and spatial dimensions of the DomQuartier thanks to channels other than visual perception. The imaginary conception of space is supported through other senses such as touch, sound and smell, allowing guests with visual impairments to experience the exciting content of the DomQuartier.
Group size: no larger than 8 visitors

Tour for hearing impaired guests
The DomQuartier offers guests with hearing impairments special tours in sign language. The tours are led by a DomQuartier facilitator and accompanied by a sign language interpreter.