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Current Special Exhibitions


Friday, 8. 6. 2018 till Sunday, 14. 7. 2019

Ultramarine & Shell Gold. How the Pictures were made

The creative act begins with the choice of material.

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Saturday, 8. 12. 2018 till Monday, 27. 5. 2019

Prince Archbishop Maximilian Gandolph Graf von Kuenburg
A man of direction and many facets · 1668–1687

350 years ago, on July 30th 1668, the Cathedral Chapter elected Maximilian Gandolph Graf von Kuenburg, originally from Graz, to become the Salzburg Archbishop. The coat of arms and inscription on many buildings such as the Cajetan Church in Salzburg, the Abbey in Seekirchen and the Maria Plain Pilgrimage Church attest to his role as founder and constructor.

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Friday, 18. 1. 2019 till Sunday, 14. 7. 2019

Archduke Ludwig Viktor.
Emperor Franz Joseph’s youngest brother and his Kleßheim Palace

Emperor Franz Joseph's youngest brother and his Kleßheim Palace No comprehensive biography of Archduke Ludwig Viktor (1842–1919) – considered the enfant terrible among the Habsburgs – has yet been published.

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