Veranstaltung Young Adult Tour: The 4 from the DomQuartier im DomQuartier Salzburg

During a tour of four DomQuartier institutions, teens and young adults get a better idea of the life of the prince archbishops, their position of power and their love of collecting. Architectural history is one of the focuses of this tour, as well as the artistic decor of the Salzburg Residenz Palace and Salzburg Cathedral. Thanks to info-cards, young adults get plenty of information about these architectural topics where they can then be “experts” about the corresponding place. After each station, a QR-code quiz tests visitors on what they have just learned. The juxtaposition between life in the Benedictine monastery and the prince archbishops’ claim to power, between piety and pomp, offers plenty to talk about. A closing discussion with roles handed out to visitors leads us back to the future with the question: how could you make use of the DomQuartier differently?

Duration: ca. 2 hours
Ages: 11–18 years
Price for school groups: € 3.50 (per person)