What do terms such as “morals” or “ethics” mean to us today? Where do we find points of reference for correct behaviour? Is there even right and wrong behaviour? Or, to put it simply: what does it mean to live in a community (such as a religious order)? These are all questions which interest today’s young people but often are only poorly answered. On this tour of the DomQuartier, we would like to ask ourselves such philosophical questions and see if something like art can provide answers. Can art mediate between faith and knowledge? Additionally, you will discover that knowledge of the development of art and intellectual life in Salzburg means more than just interest in faith and spirituality. It teaches us the connection between education, science, religion and culture.
This tour for kids and young adults is an exciting addition to religion lessons and preparation for first communion and confirmation.

Duration: ca. 2 hours
Ages: 8–16 years
Price for school groups: € 3.50 (per person)
Price: admission plus € 80 tour fee (when booked individually)