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The DomQuartier tour conveys a unique interaction of 1300 years of Salzburg rulership history, art, music and architecture. Enjoy the tour of the DomQuartier with only one ticket for all exhibition areas!


The Audience Hall, Residenz zu Salzburg

State Rooms of the Residenz

The Residenz served the prince archbishops as an official residence and domicile as well as a place of representation. The 15 splendidly appointed state rooms of the Residenz reflect over 200 years of the history of power, art and style, from the Renaissance to the Baroque and Classicism.

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The Carabinieri Haal “The prince archbishops and their residence”

Audience Haal “Absolutist power and material wealth”

Residenzgalerie Salzburg

Residenzgalerie Salzburg

On the 3rd floor of the former prince-archbishop’s residence, exquisite European painting is shown in changing special exhibitions in 11 halls: Dutch, Italian, French and Austrian masterpieces from the 16th to 19th centuries.

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“The collection of European masterpieces”

Terrace, Connection between Residenzgalerie and Salzburg Cathedral

Terrace of the cathedral arch

A wonderful opportunity to get some fresh air during your museum visit and enjoy Salzburg’s old town from above. As a connection between the Residenz and the cathedral, the cathedral arched terrace offers an incredible view of the cathedral and Residenzplatz as well as the famous panorama of the old town with its town houses, churches and city mountains.

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“View Domplatz”

Northern Oratorio in Salzburg Cathedral

North Oratory

The North Oratory in the DomQuartier is used for special exhibitions. The last room, a chapel dedicated to Saint Rupert, is particularly worth seeing for its rich artistic decoration.
The chapel of the baroque cathedral (1628), is located in the northern oratory. It was equipped under Archbishop Paris Lodron and consecrated in honor of St. Rupert. For this so-called Rupertusoratorium, court carpenter Simon Claner erected a freestanding altar retable. This forms the frame for a painting that makes the death of Rupert visible to the viewer.

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“Scenes from the life of St. Rupert”

Interior view of the cathedral from the west gallery

Cathedral organ loft

The Salzburg Cathedral is one of the most magnificent monumental buildings of the early baroque period. From the organ loft, the interior of the cathedral can be seen in all its splendor.

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“The Salzburg Cathedral”

Saints Rupert and Virgil in the Cathedral Museum

Cathedral Museum 

Art treasures from 1300 years: In addition to the Rupertus Cross, the museum in the south oratory of the cathedral displays precious liturgical equipment from the cathedral treasury as well as Gothic and Baroque paintings and sculptures from churches and monasteries in Salzburg.

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“Cathedral museum and Cathedral treasure”


Cabinet of Art and Curiosities

Cabinet of Art and Curiosities

The prince-archbishop’s Cabinet of Art and Curiosities, reconstructed in 1974, is one of the few in Europe whose historical furnishings are still largely preserved. The original showcases from the 17th century contain a wealth of astonishing objects and curiosities from art, nature and technology.

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“The Cabinet of Art and Curiosities”

Paintings from the St. Peter Collection

Long Gallery

The Long Gallery was built 1657 – 1661. Until secularization in 1803, it served as a picture gallery of the prince archbishops. In this tradition, large-format religious paintings from the art collection of the Archabbey of St. Peter are on display today.

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The „Lange Galerie bey Hof“

Museum of St. Peter’s Abbey in the so-called Wallis Wing

Museum of St. Peter’s Abbey

Selected masterpieces from the extremely rich collections of the venerable Archabbey of St. Peter’s are displayed in the newly developed so-called  Wallis Wing. The museum is divided into three thematic focuses: St. Peter and the Art, St. Peter and the Music, St. Peter in History and Constitution.

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“Works of art of St. Peter”


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