Violetter Balken


365 Days at the DomQuartier

An annual pass allows you to become acquainted with all the DomQuartier’s facets.

A Museum in Images and Texts

The DomQuartier is more than a museum. The DomQuartier’s catalogue is more than a classical museum guide.

Redesigning of the Entrance

A Dialogue between Past and Present – Elmar Trenkwalder’s Ceramic Relief.

Sucess for the DomQuartier

100,000th Visitor at the DomQuartier

Award for the DomQuartier’s Media Campaign

Salzburg Cultural Poster Award Goes to DomQuartier

A Contemporary Work of Art for the Long Gallery

Earthenware Vases Connecting Heaven and Earth: A Contemporary Intervention by Gerold Tusch at the DomQuartier
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